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Case Study: Emma's Story

Emma arranged an appointment with a Housing Advisor. She had received a letter from her Housing Association stating that they were going to apply for a warrant from the Courts to evict her from her home.

At the appointment, Emma was extremely emotional. She described to the Housing Advisor that she had lost her daughter 18 months ago. Since then she had suffered with severe depres9sion and had at times felt suicidal. Emma told the Advisor that she was being assisted by a Psychiatrist and a Therapist. She felt incapable of managing her affairs due to her mental health problems, however, she was managing to continue to work part time which she said was the only reason that she got out of bed everyday.

The Housing Advisor assessed Emma’s income and expenditure. It was clear that she could not afford the monthly rent in addition to the monthly rent arrears payments that had been set previously by the Court. The Advisor’s first priority was to prevent the eviction from happening.

With Emma’s permission, the Housing Advisor contacted the Housing Association for copies of the Court Order and copies of recent rent statements. These documents along with the supporting information that the Advisor had gathered enabled the Advisor to put a case together to prevent Emma from becoming homeless. After discussions with the Housing Officer and Emma, it was agreed that the Housing Advisor would apply to the Courts to vary the current court order which compelled Emma to pay an unaffordable amount. The cost of putting in such a request to the court was £35 which Emma could not afford. The Housing Advisor contacted Charnwood Borough Council and requested a payment of £35 from their Homelessness Prevention Fund. The Council agreed and provided Emma with the money. The outcome of the Court application was successful as the Court agreed to lower the payments and the Housing Association agreed not to proceed with the eviction.

The Housing Advisor now needed to ensure that Emma would not find herself in this situation again. With Emma’s permission, a referral was made to the Tenancy Support Service at The Bridge so that she could receive ongoing support. Emma was given assistance to claim Housing Benefit to contribute towards her rent costs and helped to make a claim of backdated housing benefit which would clear some of the rent arrears.

Emma was really grateful for all of the help that The Bridge had given her and for enabling her to keep her home. Emma said that she felt that she “had been given her life back”.      

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