For 16/17 year olds in Oadby and Wigston

Who’s who at the Single Access Point?

Catriona Petit F/T Worker   07720680470

Helen Howson Manager       01509 220566

 Where are we?

 Connexions, 50E Blaby Road, South Wigston, Leicester, LE18 4SD

 Email: [email protected]


How can young people access the Single Access Point?

When a young is person having problems where they are living it is important that they come to the Single Access Point as soon as possible. 16/17 year olds may drop in to see a Single Access Point Worker or agencies may refer to us.


The Oadby and Wigston SAP opening times are:

9.30 until 4pm Monday to Thursday and Fridays 9.30 until 3.30pm (closed 12-12.30pm)

Who should I refer to the Single Access Point?

 If the young person is either 16 or 17 AND they live in Oadby and Wigston


 They have expressed difficulties at home.


 They have been threatened with exclusion from home/ they have already been excluded from home.


They have indicated there is violence at home and they are unable to return.


 the young person is exposed to two or more of the following risk factors (these may lead to future housing problems, where we have the capacity we would work to prevent the situation escalating)

  • Relationship problems at home
  • Behavioural problems
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental health and/or self harming
  • Physical health problems or bereavement
  • Criminal or anti-social behaviour
  • Overcrowding – sleeping on sofa
  • Environmental factors – living conditions – living in a deprived household
  • Not in Education, Employment or Training
  • Problems at school
  • Associations with pro-criminal peers or unsuitable adults
  • Lack of income
  • Pregnancy  

 How do I refer to the Single Access Point?

Complete a referral form, and email it to [email protected] and or telephone a member of the Single Access Point team on 07720680470. If the 16/17 year old is with you we can speak to them to make an appointment with them directly.

How might our organisation and the Single Access Point work together?

 You may refer a 16/17 year old to the Single Access Point or we may well refer some young people to you. If the young person agrees we may share the CAF based Needs Assessment and Action Plan with you so that you have maximum useful background information. We will agree with you which service is going to provide support for each of the young person’s needs and encourage them to take responsibility for attending appointments. The aim is to build on what has already been working successfully – for instance we have found that keeping in close contact with our partner agencies such as Connexions  when we are working with the same young person has regularly let to successful outcomes for all involved.

How will the Single Access Point work with supported accommodation projects?

If a 16/17 year old has a place in supported accommodation but is close to being evicted we can carry out preventive work by speaking to the individual and working through the consequences of their actions to provide and external reality check. The Bridge has worked with accommodation providers before to build agreements about what changes will enable the young person to keep their accommodation.

Can I still refer to other Bridge services?

 Yes, in the normal ways – unless your client is 16/17. In this case refer to the Single Access Point who will identify which other services to involve.

What if the 16/17 year old does need immediate accommodation?

The Single Access Point will endeavor to help the young person to avoid using temporary accommodation which is often highly unsuitable for their needs and regularly causes many further problems. However, we can refer 16/17 year olds to Housing and Children’s Services when appropriate.

  • The Bridge
  • 38 Leicester Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 2AG
  • Telephone: 01509 260500



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