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We are always on the look out for enthusiastic and committed people who can donate their time as a volunteer. There are a range of things that you can with to support us, including volunteering on our reception, helping with delivering starter packs and assisting with a range of tasks including administration to support our services.

To register as a volunteer at The Bridge, please download our volunteer information pack which includes an application form. Simply send the form back to us and we’ll get in touch. Alternatively if you would like to discuss our current volunteering opportunities please contact us.

Read Will's story of volunteering at The Bridge

'My Time at The Bridge' by William Morris, School Placement

When I first arrived at The Bridge I didn’t know what to expect, I had previously volunteered for a day twice before but this time I had been told I would be doing different activities. I started off working on computer’s which was in my comfort zone so I didn’t find it too hard. Then whilst photocopying at reception I briefly saw and heard a young woman crying and looked in real trouble, I then felt outside of my comfort zone and felt sorry for the young women. My Mum has told me stories from people coming in with problems but seeing it at first hand really made me realize the everyday problems people come to The Bridge about. Probably the most interesting thing I have been involved with was when I had a talk with the Mediation team. I understood about people my age with homelessness, health issues and many more issues and it really made me feel that my life isn’t bad at all and I just sometimes think I’ve got it hard when really it’s nothing compared to what some people my age deal with every single day. I also found it interesting because I understood that what may start as a small argument or disagreement at home could lead to much bigger problems.

There wasn’t a lot I didn’t find interesting. Some of the work was boring but I still picked up brief notes about the people and got an idea of which department works with which people and areas.

The thing I most enjoyed was the ‘welcome feeling’ before I started on Monday I thought I’d spend a whole week in one room and not really talking to anybody, but I’ve been into different departments varying my work to keep it interesting and everybody has made me feel like I’m part of the team. Nobody has treated me like ‘a slave’ forcing me to make cups of tea all week and running round for people which was what I expected coming to a workplace as a 15 year old but I’ve had real jobs which have helped the departments and some responsibility. I like how even though the Bridge sees tragedy everyday it doesn’t affect their work and they stay smiling and still have a laugh at lunch breaks. Everybody I’ve seen works extremely hard and are fully dedicated to helping there clients.

I think The Bridge help differently depending on departments. They do a range of different jobs. They are confidential in everything they do. They arrange one to one meetings and visits to check everything is alright and if it’s not find ways to sort it out. If children and parents aren’t getting along they also have meetings, set targets until both parties come to an agreement of how they will sort it out. The Bridge helps new house owners to deal with their finances and property, make sure they pay rent and bills. Advise the homeless on where to go and try to get them into an accommodation.  The Bridge makes sure there funding they receive goes to good use and to help clients. They have partnerships and work with other organisations and the council to resolve problems. The Bridge attends meetings with these organisations and the council.

Overall The Bridge team is very selfless and do everything to help their clients. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this ‘Family.’ And thank all of the Team for giving me an opportunity to see what work is like.

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